Welcome to the official online presence of The Loop Shack. Feel free to browse the website for loops that you may be interested in and listen to the sample provided. You like it, then you can purchase the loop directly from the website. EXACTLY, your one stop shop.


The Loop Shack is here to provide you with the best drum loops for all of your musical needs. You will find loops for many of the Gospel songs out today, However The Loop Shack is not limited to a specific genre. Need a song that’s not on the site? Contact us and we’ll get it taken care of.



  • Basic Drum / Percussive Loops

  • Loops in Song Format

  • Stem / Performance Track options for Artist


Prices vary for services so email us with your needs and let us create something for you.





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How Long are the Loops?

7-8 minutes for most.

What is the turn around time if i need a loop not on the site?

In most cases at tops a week. Email for details..

Are the loops at Record tempo?

Yes! If you desire a different tempo send us a email.  Also try the Tempo Slow app. It works well with that

Who can benefit from The Loop Shack?

Musicians, Artist etc. Some don’t have the time to put loops together, or even the tools. Some may even like loops but don’t know how to get started.  So i decided to make available to the public what I use as a help!

The song i need is not a Gospel song, Can The Loop Shack still help me?

Yes. Email us for details.

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The Groove - Jeff Pegues & John Austin